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empathic Empowerment
Revolutionary Change


Image by Mitchell Orr

These past few years have felt like an uphill battle. 


With the stress of a pandemic, political divides, and  economic hardships - of course your anxiety is high. Or your depression feels magnified. Or you've fallen back into bad habits. No wonder you may feel lost. The world changed overnight in a way we weren't prepared for.


But you don’t have to struggle alone. 


Empathic Counseling can help you cope in this new world. And empower you to thrive. While it can’t solve a pandemic, it can help you to instigate feelings of calm, happiness, and fulfillment. We all want freedom from the inner tyrants of anxiety, depression, addiction, trauma, or that harsh voice inside you. And you deserve to find liberation from your inner tyrant. You deserve to live a life free of unnecessary fear.

  • What is Focused Therapy?
    Empathic Counseling offers a unique therapeutic style that is highly relational and empathetic yet based in theory backed by research. It also offers a program called Focused Therapy. ​ Focused Therapy is a type of counseling that utilizes a combination of skill-building, trauma work, and various therapeutic interventions to address any of the following issues. Click on one of the topics below for a quick Questionnaire to help you determine if Focused Therapy could be a good fit for you.

** Select one of the topics below for a quick Questionnaire**  

Focus Therapy Questionnaires

Jenna Washburn, MA, MA, LPC 

Hello, I’m Jenna.  It’s nice to meet you!

Being a Counselor is my life’s calling.  I realized this after going through my own experience of transformation.  Finding a Counselor I deeply connected with and going to therapy changed my life.  Now I am honored to be a part of my clients’ own courageous journeys of self-discovery.  


Empathic Empowerment 

My counseling style is one based on empathy.  Empathy is healing. It’s empowering. And it provides a space free from judgement where we can go beneath the surface of an issue and explore its depths. Weeding out the root of a problem is how to create real transformation and revolutionary change.  


Revolutionary Change 

I will always approach our work together with the fundamental understanding that humans have limitless abilities to heal from even the most tragic of circumstances. 

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